Potty training: Driver takes toilet break as bullet train hits 90 mph

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Maybe he wanted to see if he could “go” faster than a speeding bullet.

A Japanese transit driver redefined “quick relief” after leaving his cockpit to use the bathroom while his packed bullet train rocketed along at 90 mph.

The unnamed 36-year-old operator had reportedly suffered a bout of indigestion while ferrying 160 passengers along the busy Tokaido line this past weekend, the Guardian reported.

Not wanting to cause a delay by stopping at the nearest station, the bellyache-bedeviled driver asked a conductor — who wasn’t qualified to drive the shinkansen train — to mind his post while he relieved himself.

The pinch hitter reportedly sat in the driver’s seat during the three-minute bathroom break, but did not handle the controls.

Nonetheless, the driver was busted after arriving at the station one-minute late, which prompted an investigation in a country known for its punctuality.

JR Central, the train’s operating company, has since apologized for the driver’s “extremely inappropriate” actions, adding that they’re considering punishing both the operator and conductor, CNN reported.

This isn’t the first time an operator has vacated the controls of a moving vehicle. Two Jet Airways pilots were fired in 2018 for leaving the cockpit unattended while they got into an in-flight brawl aboard a flight from London to Mumbai.

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