Plus size Kim K ‘lookalike’ says trolls attack her for not being curvy enough

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A plus-sized model who is obsessed with the Kardashians has spoken out about negativity she receives from the curvy-girl community.

Sammy Krueger, from Portland, Oregon, is proud to be a Kim K lookalike, or even “the thick version of Kylie Jenner”.

She’s long admired the reality TV family and modelled her entire look on them.

The 28-year-old has 2.7m followers on Instagram, @sammyy02k, and often recreates Kim’s most iconic looks for them.

She earns “enough money to live comfortably” from modelling and brand deals.

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Sammy explained: “I absolutely love the Kardashians.

“I think they all have very unique personalities that I like to relate to.

“I love Kim’s professionalism, and how she’s grown into the woman she is today with her family and her business.

“So I always feel deeply honoured when someone says I look like Kim or a thick version of Kylie.

"I would love my own reality TV show. I think it would be fun."

She continued: "My boyfriend definitely has a Kanye West attitude sometimes.

"He feels like he is a lot more 'gangster' than Kanye. His name is Luxury Jones."

But, not everyone likes her look, and the young woman says she’s often attacked online.

Sammy said: “I definitely identify as plus-sized.

“But I think some people don’t see me as plus-sized, even though I wear XL and 1XL clothing."

Sammy added: “Sometimes I model for clothing companies that specifically promote curvy clothing and some girls remark that they don’t feel I’m plus-sized, because of my body type…

“I have large hips, thighs and butt – however, my waist is small and my stomach is flat.

“I just wish the curvy community would be more positive, welcoming and uplifting.”

Despite appearing super-confident, Sammy says she’s actually quite shy.

She said: “Anytime I meet someone in real life, they always say I’m so nice or really humble and that they would have no idea I had millions of followers on Instagram.

Sammy continued: “If anything, I get really awkward when someone recognises me in public.

“Maybe the haters judge my online appearance and personality, which is kind of intimidating and cocky.”

The hate directed at Sammy isn’t just from other women though.

She explained: Guys who try it on can be so rude.

“A lot of guys will come on to me, shoot their shot, get rejected and immediately call me a fat b****."

Despite being shy, Sammy doesn’t give negative people the time of day.

She explained: “Not everybody is going to like you.

“But everybody's entitled to their own opinions and I’m not going to bother arguing with someone who calls me fat.

“Like, lol, okay, whatever – I’m fat and making money and happy."

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