‘Plague Inc.’ Adding Anti-Vaxxers to Illness Simulator Video Game

Anti-vaxxers are coming to the real-time strategy game/sickness simulator “Plague Inc.,” developer Ndemic Creations tweeted on Tuesday.

“ICYMI: Alright, alright! You spoke, we listened. Neurie’s very happy to hear that we’re going to start figuring out anti-vaxxers soon. He’s dying to try and get inside their heads,” it said.

The idea began with a fan petition on Change.org. Eduard Gabrian created the request a week ago because, as he very succinctly puts it, “Anti-vaxxers are stupid.” When Ndemic Creations saw the petition, it agreed to add a new “Plague Inc.” scenario featuring anti-vaxxers if it reached 10,000 signatures. Over 20,000 people have signed so far.

“Plague Inc.” first came to mobile platforms in 2012 and was later ported to PC and consoles. Ndemic Creations also successfully kickstarted a physical board game in 2017. The game tasks players with ending the human race by evolving a deadly, global disease. They can pick from a variety of pathogens, including some fantastical ones that turn everyone into zombies or vampires. Then, they must help it spread before humanity discovers a cure.

“Plague Inc.’s” gameplay is apparently realistic enough that developer James Vaughan was invited to speak at the Centers for Disease Control in Atlanta in 2013 about how the title could be used as an education tool.

There’s no word yet on when anti-vaxxers will be added to the game or how they’ll be incorporated.

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