Pete Davidson: Why He Refuses To See Ariana Grande — It’d Be ‘Too Painful’

It’s not a snub — Pete Davidson just doesn’t want a meetup between him and ex Ariana Grande to turn his problems into an even ‘bigger deal,’ HL has EXCLUSIVELY learned. Here’s how that could happen.

After Pete Davidson, 25, confessed he doesn’t “want to be on this Earth anymore” in a heartbreaking message on Dec. 15, he reportedly ordered his security to not let ex-fiancée Ariana Grande, 25, check in on him while filming Saturday Night Live, per TMZ. It’s not that he’s angry…the comedian just wasn’t ready for a whirlwind of emotions. “Pete didn’t want to see Ariana because he knew it was going to bring back so many emotions that he didn’t want to deal with,” a source close to Pete EXCLUSIVELY tells HollywoodLife. After Ariana broke off her and Pete’s engagement in October, our source says that “he still has lots of feelings for Ariana…he wanted to just be at work and be involved in that and not have anything else disrupt his day.” Pete was worried of the repercussions that a reunion between him and Ariana could bring.

“He didn’t want Ariana to make things a bigger deal then it already had become,” our source explains. “He respects that people are interested in his well-being, but he would rather not talk to her because it only stirs the issues and emotions he is dealing with in the first place.” However, he did allow his Big Time Adolescence co-star, Machine Gun Kelly, to visit as the two were photographed hugging outside the Four Seasons in New York City after Pete left work, E! News reported. The New York Police Department also visited Pete, who dropped by his workplace for a “wellness check,” according to a NYPD spokesperson that talked to ABC News. A second source weighed in on why Pete didn’t want to include Ariana in his support circle.

“Pete was in no mood to see Ariana when she stopped by the studio,” a second source EXCLUSIVELY tells us, but explains that Pete knew his ex had good intentions. “Although Pete knows Ariana was trying to be supportive, he obviously was not in a good place emotionally, and felt that seeing her would have been too painful for him at that point. Pete has been doing his best to move on with his own life after a rough breakup with Ariana and feels it would have opened up old wounds to be face to face with her again.”

Ariana originally tried to reach out to Pete, who has her blocked, via Twitter after he posted the cryptic message. “I’m downstairs and I’m not going anywhere if you need anyone or anything. I know u have everyone u need and that’s not me, but i’m here too,” she tweeted on Dec. 15 outside of NYC’s 30 Rock, where SNL was being taped. She had also apologized for her “dumb joke” about Kanye West and Drake, which you can read here. After Ariana posted the message, Pete defended Kanye and wrote, “No one should ever point fingers at you for your bravery in speaking about mental health. I’m seriously disgusted.” The comedian’s Instagram has since been deleted.

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