People who quit adult industry for God – becoming preachers after X-rated films

Porn isn't for everybody, with some people choosing to leave the X-rated industry for more religious endeavours.

While some adult stars stay in the industry for years, it isn't surprising to hear that some of them eventually leave.

The work can be tiresome and sometimes filled with drugs, endless parties and STIs.

Here we have taken a look at some of the career transformations that see stars leave porn behind in favour of finding God.

Porn star making £11,000 a month leaves after finding God

A former porn star who starred in more than 50 adult movies has quit the industry after claiming she placed her trust in God and found her eventual husband after swearing off men for a year.

Crissy Outlaw began a career in porn in 1999 but in 2006 she dropped out of the industry and became a devout Christian.

Previously, the former model spoke about her struggles in earlier life, claiming that she suffered abuse and came from a broken family.

More recently, Crissy was interviewed on the Soft White Underbelly YouTube channel and recalled the early days of finding religion after she first quit the adult industry.

“Now, I’m not taking any money from porn. They’re still making money off me indefinitely from all the model releases I signed, I don’t have control over any of it," she said.

“I went from making at least $15,000 (approximately £11,000 or £132,00 a year) a month to making nothing, and I didn’t know what was going to happen.

“I knew that it was okay, I felt like God told me that He was going to take care of me… He told me to give everything up, and take a stand and be bold, and let me show you how much I love you and how I’m going to take care of you.”

Adult film star quits after 1,000 movies and becomes pastor

Joshua Broome moved to Hollywood with the dream of becoming a mainstream actor but ended up being seduced by the lucrative world of porn.

The job took up most of his 20s as he started when he was 22 and left the industry when he was 29.

Even though he was nominated for multiple awards and starred in 1,000 adult movies, he decided to leave the porn star life behind after he found God.

After winning the illustrious title of male performer of the year, Joshua realised he wasn’t taking any satisfaction from his work and decided to retire from the industry, instead working in a gym.

Two years of lying to people about what he had done for work soon followed until Joshua met one woman – who is now his wife of nearly six years – who he felt confident enough to open up to.

He confessed that he did “a little bit of porn” – and when she suggested that he go to Church with her, the adult

Since that meeting, the one-time model described how he had been captured by the message that what you’ve done doesn’t define who you are, and has even set up his own digital church.

Porn star quit and married a preacher

A former porn star quit her successful career in the industry to pursue a relationship with God and marry a preacher.

Brittni de la Mora appeared in explicit films under the name Jenna Presley for seven years before eventually deciding to leave it all behind.

In an interview with Fox News, she revealed that growing up in a broken home impacted her self-worth and led her to go into porn.

“I discovered early on that if I was naked in the presence of men that I was going to get what I didn’t get at home — and that was affirmation,” she said.

While she says she enjoyed the work in the beginning, this soon came crashing down when she contracted an STD and she eventually turned to cocaine and heroin to cope with her unhappiness.

After six and a half years in the industry, she decided to leave after finding God and meeting her husband, a pastor named Richard.

“My husband and I believe the greatest relationship is the relationship with God and with each other. If those relationships are on fire, everything else will be on fire,” Brittni explained.

Religious minister warns couples about X-rated movies

Adult film star Randy Spears quit the X-rated career after it left him with drug abuse issues and sexually transmitted diseases – and now he’s a religious minister.

The former award-winning porn actor, 60, says he has started counselling couples as well as travelling around the country lecturing people about the "dark side of porn".

At the height of his career, Randy was an in-demand porn star who starred in numerous erotic movies that led him to win 14 AVN awards, including Best Actor, Best Group Sex Scene and Best Oral Sex Scene.

But he said the industry started to change once the internet came along and directors competed to become more and more outrageous.

"And I started to notice the stories started to go away, the budget started to come down. It was almost like new director was trying to out-gross the next person,” he told The Sun.

Eventually, he became "burnt out" by the industry and left a shoot in tears, asking God to change his life.

He is now in a management position at the fish counter of his local supermarket and is a qualified minister counselling couples about the dangers of porn.

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