‘People say OnlyFans is trashy – but I earned enough to pay my rent in 4 days’

An OnlyFans model has shut down haters who have branded her X-rated career 'trashy' as she claims she earns enough to pay her rent in a matter of days.

Savannah Wilson, who posts on TikTok as @savannxhbanana, has shared a video recorded to the viral sound clip from the Blackeyed Peas 'My Humps', where she claims people warned her against making an account with the popular subscription-based site.

However, the 24-year-old claims she earned enough to pay her rent for her home in Mississippi, in just four days.

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In the video, which has gained more than 5,500 likes, Savannah claimed that people would say to her: "Don't make an OnlyFans, that's trashy."

However, she slammed the haters by adding that she: "Makes rent in 4 days," before adding in the caption: "& I really don't even have that many fans."

In the state, the average rent ranges from $550 to $1,100 (£476 to £953) depending on the county, according to Rentdata.org.

She said in the comments that her earnings were around $844 (£731) with 40 subscribers and her fees set to £14.99.

Her fans were left stunned over the revelation as they wanted to know her secret to earn so much in a small amount of time.

One user asked: "How?!! I really want to start one, but I’m worried if something happened it could ruin my medical career. I’m a CNA."

To which, she replied: "Any company that doesn’t wanna hire me based on my private life/other jobs isn’t a company i’d wanna work for."

Another added: "I need tips."

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A third wrote: "I wish mine took off that fast! I just restarted last week!"

However, other users commented on it claiming that she didn't need to do OnlyFans for that as they can earn the same as waiting staff.

A user argued: "I'm a server and make my rent in 2-3 days."

Savannah replied: "I was a server as well at Hooters and I made really good money but not this good of money."


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