People are only just realising Asda’s hidden feature on self-service tills

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    An Asda shopper revealed a hack to make paying for your groceries a whole lot easier – and people are certainly impressed.

    While self-service checkouts have become more frequent in supermarkets, customers may spend a little longer feeding the money into the machines than they would just handing it over to a cashier.

    If you've got coins, then you'll know how tiresome it can be trying to feed it into the slot one by one.

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    However, Bethany Jade shared a mind-blowing tip that means you no longer have to enter your coins one at a time.

    In a viral TikTok clip, the hack enthusiast said: "I was today years old when I found out this life hack.

    "Just lift the flap and let it count your money!"

    Bethany filmed herself lifting the coin flap to expose a larger compartment with a funnel for your coins.

    This means you can put more than one coin at a time.

    Well, that's going to save a lot of time!

    The savvy shopper admitted: "I love this hack and need to share it."

    And it seems that many others are fond of the trick so took to the comments to share their thoughts.

    One person commented: "Your level of quality work is excellent."

    Another user gasped: "Omg I never knew."

    While a third voiced: "They never used to have the slots so I’ve always knew."

    Someone else said: "I love using cash I’m old school hate them machines."

    But Bethany was not the only one to share a money hack.

    A user claimed to know a sneaky way to get the machine to switch your coppers for silvers, they alleged: "If you tip in a load of 1s and 2s (has to be less than the value of your shopping) then press "cancel payment" it gives you it back in paper or silver."


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