People are just realising what’s really in Pimm’s as Brits love ‘summer taste’

People are only just realising what is in Pimm's as Brits say it tastes 'just like summer'.

Now, it's true that some drinks are paired better with each season.

Such as mulled wine in the winter or having a cup of the fruity infused Pimm's once the warmer months hit.

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But, these boozy Brits can't quite work out what is in the famous drink enjoyed at the likes of Wimbledon.

Of course, a beverage can't taste like a season – so many are wondering what ingredients make it such a distinctive drink.

"What's in Pimm's and what does it taste like?" one intrigued Reddit user asked.

Many people replied back to the question posed by a tourist to the UK who was desperate to try the drink.

"It tastes like summer," one said.

Another wrote: "Weird to describe it.

"A bit fruity with cucumber undertones?"

While a third claimed: "It sounds crazy but if you mix lemonade with a little bit of balsamic vinegar it tastes just like Pimms."

But, let's put all the speculation aside.

Pimm’s No. 1 Cup – or more commonly shortened to Pimm's – is actually a gin-based drink.

Although the recipe is 'closely guarded, the booze contains fruity notes consisting of caramelised orange, fresh citrus and herbal-like flavours.

It turns out that Pimm's was invented in England between 1823 and 1840 by oyster bar owner James Pimm.

And the drink was a little different back then to how it is known and loved now.

At the time, it was thought to have aided digestion thanks to the gin, quinine and various herbs in the drink.

Pimm's was first known as the 'house cup' which later transformed into 'Pimm's No.1 Cup' – after the founder.

While the ingredients of fruity notes, herbs and gin have stayed the same, to this day, the exact recipe remains a 'secret'.

That doesn't stop the drink being typically mixed with some lemonade, fruit and a splash of mint.


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