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A COUPLE decided to share the best way to cut an orange – and people can’t believe they’ve never realised it before. 

Not only does their clever food hack stop the juice from getting all over your kitchen counter, but others pointed out that it’s also perfect for preparing packed lunches. 

TikTok influencers Charles and Allie regularly share videos about their lives, so they didn’t hold back when Charles introduced Allie to the “right way” to cut the fruit.

In a video posted to their profile @charlesandallie, Allie can be seen standing in the kitchen with an orange.

She cuts it in half in two and is about to peel it so she can tuck in – but Charles quickly stops her.  

He gets her to clarify that she cut it down the middle, and then says: “Ok, then you have to peel it and then it’s in fours.

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“You want to see something really cool?”

Charles then takes another orange and lets her in on his secret.

He explains that the first step is to cut either end of the orange off, so that you can see the orange and no longer the peel.

Next, he instructs her to “cut into the rind” about midway down the orange, creating a flap.

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He then says that Allie should “fold it [open] like a book.”

The result? It creates a long piece of orange where you can just pull the segments out, rather than having to waste time peeling them. 

She couldn’t believe her eyes when she saw how simple the trick was, as she told their 204.3k joint social media followers: “I was today years old when…”

But she wasn’t the only one who had just discovered the handyhack. 

One person said they were in exactly the same shoes when they wrote: “God damn… 51.”

A second person posted a shocked face, as they added: “Amazed.”

A third TikToker said they were blown away when they typed “Love it!!”

As a fourth commented: “Learn something new every dang day.”

Meanwhile, another person was quick to note that they would be using this method to prep their children’s packed lunches.

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They wrote underneath the video, which has 10k likes and counting: “That’s perfect for kids’ lunches.”

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