Parents Are Sending Their Kids To Fortnite Addiction Therapy

Fortnite is an incredibly popular game and with that in mind, some kids could get a little addicted. This is why certain parents have started to send their children to therapy.

There have been reports of rehabilitation for kids who play too much Fortnite. It’s even been said that there are special camps that detox them from tech, although, this might not be specifically for Fortnite players. However, it doesn’t mean that they aren’t a large portion. According to Digital Trends, Michael Jacobus, someone who’s counseled kids in several locations such as  California and North Carolina, said that more than half of the kids there were “playing Fortnite excessively.”

This addiction may be something a little more intense as it is a possibility that some people get addicted to the game and avoid eating, sleeping, or doing anything that isn’t related to it. This is something that is just inevitable with a game as large as Fortnite. According to Psychology Today, gaming has the same chemical release of dopamine as certain illegal substances. However, this chemical in our brains is often released when doing something that we enjoy.

Fortnite has the power to get people addicted in many ways. For example, if you managed to get five friends together and just play the game while talking about anything that you’re all interested in, you’ll notice that it’s rather easy to lose track of time.

Despite this, it doesn’t mean that everyone is on the same page. Some parents decided that they wanted to get a tutor for their child, so he or she can be better at the game. What this could mean is that the parents see their kid getting better at it and then possibly getting an eSports scholarship, which seems to be gaining momentum.

Fornite is growing in popularity and it’s clear that its gaming population has the potential to get addicted to it. The next question would be, how can it be solved? Well, like anything that can be considered addicting, a person might want to take tiny doses of it, or they could also wean themselves off it by playing it less every day.

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