OnlyFans star offered £40k to give eggs to ‘A-list celeb’ to have baby

An OnlyFans model who offered to pay her followers’ rent during the pandemic has revealed that she almost completed another good deed by helping an infertile celebrity to have a child.

Jenna Lee gained a reputation as a "coronavirus hero" when she generously offered to pay fans’ rent if they had lost their job as a result of the various states of lockdown.

The adult model makes a living by sharing racy snaps online, and has even revealed that one admirer became so desperate for more that she rejected a £760,000 contract offer to sleep with him.

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Now, speaking on the OnlyStans podcast, Jenna revealed that she had received another unusual offer shortly after the million dollar contract proposal.

“This modelling agency reached out to me and they said, ‘we have an A-list celebrity, we cannot tell you who it is but you look exactly like her. She can’t have kids and she wants your eggs, it’ll be $50,000’ (roughly £40,000),” she recalled.

“I was poor so I was like, ‘sign me up’.”

Jenna described how she had soon been flown out to Beverly Hills and examined by the same doctor often hired by the Kardashian family, Dr Huang.

“They did all kinds of testing on me, I had to do psychological testing, so I’m not crazy, I passed all the tests,” she laughed.

But, despite the money on offer and the luxury accommodation and treatment, Jenna revealed that she had eventually decided against going ahead with the project.

“The process took a year, and I f***ing bailed on their asses,” she confessed.

“I backed out because I started doing research, and I was like, ‘why is this taking so long?’”

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During the same episode, Jenna re-told the story of how she had offered to pay for her subscribers’ rent, and emphasised that she takes her adult career very seriously.

“There’s two different types of OnlyFans girls, there’s some who do wild crazy-ass shock factor s***, and then there’s the girls that actually respond to you in the DMs and spend time with you on a cold rainy evening, that’s me,” she explained.

“I’m on there all day, I don’t leave my house. You asked if I party? No, I’m at home on the internet… My subscribers get me all day.”


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