‘Only child’ finds out he actually has 30 half-siblings after taking DNA test

You never know what to expect when diving into your family history.

And this is shown when a man who thought he was an "only child" uncovered a family secret.

Andy Nabil Torrey, who didn't know he had any siblings, unknowingly opened up a Pandora's box when he took an ancestry DNA test.

He sent off a swab back in December in a bid to find out more about his ethnicity.

Sharing his secrets on TikTok, the 26-year-old said his father told him that he would mostly be French and English.

But upon receiving the test results, he found he's actually 40% Middle Eastern, 16% Irish, and a little bit French and English too.

Additional info showed details of his parents that matched his DNA.

In a viral video, Andy points at the names and says: "Alright, yeah, that's my mom. Who the f*** is that? That's not my dad.

"After a quick Google, I find this."

He found out that his biological father is a sperm donor, and is also a father to at least 30 other children.

"My sperm donor dad and 15 of my siblings that I didn't know about, partying in Mexico," he says, showing the article he found online.

"I woke up two days ago thinking I was an only child, and now I find out that I'm the second oldest of 31."

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Andy shared the news to his parents and reassured his dad that the result doesn't change their relationship and that they are still a family.

"He was very emotional and grateful,” he said in a follow-up video.

"I really think both my parents were mostly worried that I would look at my social dad differently."

From what he found online, some of his half siblings have opened an Instagram page called "the Paper Plane Society" where they document their lives and when they meet up.

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