Olivia Jade & Isabella Giannulli Spotted Looking Thinner But Chipper At Coffee Spot

Olivia Jade & Isabella Giannulli were seen ‘smiling’ during a coffee outing on Apr. 13!

Olivia Jade, 19, and Isabella Giannulli, 20, were spotted grabbing coffee in Brentwood on Apr. 13, and they seemed to be “noticeably thinner”. An eyewitness told HollywoodLife EXCLUSIVELY that although the College Admissions scandal seemed to have “gotten to them,” they appeared to be in good spirits. “Olivia Jade is clearly ready to start living her life again,” our insider told us. “She arrived with her boyfriend Jackson [Guthy] and sister Isabella to Alfred Coffee in Brentwood on Saturday, April 13, with sunglasses on. Neither girl seemed sad or anything and if anything was bothering them, you couldn’t tell at all. They seemed chipper. Jackson was trying to make her laugh as she and her sister kept their sunglasses on. The trio arrived around noon and were in and out quickly ordering iced coffees. Isabella was FaceTiming someone.”

Their outing comes just days after their mom Lori Loughlin, 54, was hit with new conspiracy to commit money laundering and wire fraud charges, which has greatly worried Olivia, on Apr. 9. “Both girls looked noticeably much thinner, though, so seems the scandal has gotten to them,” our source added. “They acted normal, but you could tell they wanted to get out of there as people were starting to stare. Both girls were caught smiling at times, and you can tell Jackson is really a rock for Olivia by the way he was trying to protect her.”

Jackson, who has been supporting Olivia through all the drama of the scandal, was totally there for her during their coffee outing. “He didn’t leave her side at all the entire time, staying extremely close,” our insider added. “It seems all is fine between Olivia and Isabella. They all left together after about five minutes. You could tell they really wanted to be left alone though are officially out of hiding.”

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