New Utan fake tan pen makes TikTok’s lip liner hack even easier

It is a truth universally acknowledged that TikTok is an absolute treasure trove of great beauty and hacks (albeit some genius, some not so much). In fact, the power of the app is now so strong that some beauty products are even created *because* of trends that have gone viral on the app.

Take Isle of Paradise’s Pro Glow spray bottle, which was created after several users started a viral trend of pouring the brand’s tanning water into a hair mister bottle for even easier all-over application. The brand took note and then responded with a purpose-designed IoP spray bottle.

In a similar manner, tanning brand Utan has just launched a pen that helps to make light work of the viral fake tan as lip liner hack. Priced at£17.99 here, it’s such a genius idea that it’s already sold out on the brand’s website, but you can still snap it up at Superdrug.

For the uninitiated, last year a trick for perfectly lined lips went viral on the app, as users used fake tan to temporarily define their lips. The hack involves using a very thin makeup brush to trace around the lips using fake tan, a bit like a semi permanent lip liner.

Tried and tested by OK! fashion and beauty assistant Emma, it looks great either with lipstick or simply as a way to improve the definition of your natural lips.

Now fake tan brand Utan’s latest launch has jumped on the trend and provided us with an even easier solution in the form of a fake tan felt tip pen, giving beauty fans an all-in-one solution.

The pen, whose formula is both waterproof and buildable, can be used both for the viral lip liner hack or to create faux freckles which will then last for up to 48 hours. As well as being buildable the brand notes that it adapts to each user’s skin tone, too.

"They do look really natural,” TikTok user @beautybylaura said in a video after testing out the pen to create faux freckles. I actually really love this as more of a semi permanent option."

What do you reckon, will you be adding this one to your online shopping basket ASAP?

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