Netflix Teases ‘Lupin’ Part 3 at Series Mania Festival

Netflix teased its slate of new European series, including Part 3 of hit heist show “Lupin” starring Omar Sy, during its showcase at Series Mania in Lille.

The standing room-only session — which featured two DJs on stage spinning tracks to a Netflix sizzle — was a “roadshow”-style presentation that featured a number of clips from the streamer’s forthcoming European shows, followed by a short panel with commissioners Katja Hofem from Germany, Damien Couvreur from France and Jenny Stjernströmer Björk from the Nordics. Each briefly discussed their new shows but didn’t go into detail about their editorial strategies.

Due to the exclusive nature of the clips, security was extremely strict at the session, with French guards shouting at delegates — including journalists — to put away any laptops and phones, making any reporting of the session virtually impossible.

The streamer announced Season 2 of its off-beat comedy series “Represent,” starring Cesar-nominated actor-director Jean-Pascal Zadi (“Tout simplement noir”) as an ordinary man from a project who becomes president of France.

The show, whose French title is “En Place,” launched earlier this year and was one of the service’s biggest local hits. Other new French titles in the pipeline include “Thicker Than Water,” “Tapie,” “Fury” and “Anthracite.”

From the Nordics, Netflix announced “Barracuda Queens” and “The Nurse.” From Germany, the streamer unveiled “Transatlantic,” “Dear Child,” “The Chancellor Diaries,” “Kleo,” “The Empress,” “Hello” and the extremely violent “Criminel.”

Other shows that were teased included “Casa de Papel” spin-off “Berlin” from Spain, and “This World Can’t Tear Me Down” from Italy.

The streamer capped off the clip-heavy session with a behind-the-scenes teaser of Season 3 of “Lupin.”

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