Nando's reveal the cocktails on its new menu

Nando’s reveal the cocktails on its new menu – and fans are very excited

  • Popular chain is introducing two frozen cocktails and a Portuguese draft beer 
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Nando’s has revealed the delicious frozen cocktails that launching on its new menu.

From today, the PERi-PERi chain will serve the PERi-cante and the Sunset Slushie at selected restaurants nationwide.

Alongside the spicy chicken, the restaurant will now serve the two frozen cocktails adding some extra zing to the menu.

The PERi-cante mixes vodka with mezcal and a tangy lime and just a hint of chilli.

Meanwhile, the Sunset Slushie mixes a dash of vodka, peach liquor and vanilla with juicy pineapple and mango – perfect for those with a sweet tooth.

Both set you back £7.95 per 190ml glass.

From today, the PERi-PERi chain will serve the PERi-cante and the Sunset Slushie at selected restaurants nationwide

The drinks are currently being trialled so aren’t available nationwide.

Customers hoping to get their hands on the tipple will have to head to  Kings Cross, Westfield Stratford City, Brighton (Marina), Salford Quays, Crawley, Liverpool (ONE), Hull (Princess Quay), Birmingham (Selly Oak), Wolverhampton (Bentley Bridge), Battersea or Waterloo Station to try it out. 

The popular chain is loved by millions, but UK fans have longed for the restaurant to introduce cocktails for quite some time, and now it seems that Nando’s have listened. 

Last week, the brand teased the new menu – alongside Portuguese draft beers.  

Nando’s have responded to a claim that the chain is set to implement frozen cocktails and draught beers 

Popular Instagram account, Yougkingstv, posted an image of the new menu, which reads ‘Cocktails. That’s it.’

The post captioned: ‘Nando’s about to start cocktails’ quickly gained over 50,000 likes and even a reply from Nando’s.

Nando’s responded to the post with a smirking emoji and a cocktail emoji.

The Sunset Slushie is said to have a 7 per cent ABV, the PERI-cante comes in slightly stronger at 7.7 per cent.

The new menu also said to include new draught sagres: ‘Portugal’s favourite golden lager’, which will allegedly be available on tap for £5.95 per pint.

Nando’s offered a mysterious response on Instagram, which included a smirking emojji and a cocktail emojji

The rumoured menu includes two new frozen cocktails: Sunset Slushie and PERI-cante as well as a Portuguese draught lager

Individuals on social media were quick to share their thoughts on the situation.

One user said: ‘This is going to change the game’.

A second user added: ‘It’s about time’.

A third person joked: ;’All we need is a bottomless and we’re good to go’.

One said: ‘£8 for not even 200ml cocktail is robbery.

Another person wrote: ‘Why frozen though? We are not 12!’

The alleged menu shake-up might not come as a surprise though, as just last month the restaurant launched three new menu items.

For the first time, the chicken restaurant chain brought together chicken and chips in the new Fully Loaded Chip dish, covering the fries in a melty cheddar cheese, spring onions, smoky PERi-Tamer sauce and a creamy dressing.

The sharing dish, which costs just £8, was inspired by a ‘Nando’s hack’ invented by PERi-PERi fans and Nando’s employees on social media.

Individuals on social media were quick to share their thoughts on the rumours, and some had mixed feelings 

Shared by millions, it created a huge social media buzz, with people pleading with Nando’s to officially add the food creation to the menu.

Meanwhile the restaurant also launched a new Pepper and Feta dip, £4.50, for the summer, as well as the 2021 guest spice and everyone’s favourite, Garlic BBQ.

The dip, which is served with warm pita triangles, is made from roasted peppers, tomatoes and garlic, whizzed up and topped with crumbly feta.

Meanwhile the garlic BBQ baste, which was a favourite among Nando’s fans when it initially launched in 2021, also made a return.

It’s a sticky, smoky and sweet sauce with an extra kick of garlic and PERi-PERi

Those in England, Wales and Scotland can enjoy Fully Loaded Chips when eating in, while everyone in the UK and Ireland can order Pepper & Feta Dip and Garlic BBQ eating in or ordering delivery.

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