Name all nine reindeer and find out what their name means

Everyone knows Father Christmas’ reindeer right? Right?

If you’ve ever been asked to name them all, and struggled, don’t worry.

The reindeer – nine in total – can be confusing, there’s a load that sound the same, you’d think Santa was more original in his name choices.

Rudolph always stands out – and not just because of the red nose – leaving everyone scratching their heads when it comes to the other names.

Before we list them all for you, do you know where the reindeer even came from?

The image of the reindeer pulling along the sleigh dates back years and years.

The original eight are in the 1823 poem A Visit From St Nicholas – also known as The Night Before Christmas.

The poem is attributed to Clement C. Moore but it was published anonymously in the Troy Sentinel at the time.

Rudolph turned up much later, like a century later.

In 1939, a department store copywriter called Robert L. May wrote a small booklet about the reindeer to promote the store that he worked for.

Consumerism is yet again behind our festive tradition – think Coco Cola and Santa…

Anyway, here’s the names of all the reindeer.


You just heard about Rudolph. Late to the party, rocking the red nose, was bullied at first but pushed through it all. What a hero.


Donner was actually called Dunder originally. Not a great name, we get it. Dunder is Dutch for Thunder, fun fact for you there.


Blixem was the original name, Dutch for lightning.


Sensing a theme here? There’s quite a few reindeer with names relating to the skies.


Not the chubby cherub. Comet is yet another of the reindeer dragging that sleigh.

Cupid is also a she.


Speedy speedy dasher.


He sounds like a right ol’ laugh. All joy and happiness.


Another female representing on the reindeer crew. She’s one of the golden oldies.


The leader of the pack, we imagine he’s the strong silent type and won’t hear otherwise.

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