My younger sister kept me from seeing our older sister as she was dying – The Sun

DEAR DEIDREWHEN I was told my older sister’s illness was terminal, I wanted to spend time with her.

But my younger sister told me my dying sister didn’t want to see me.

I’m not sure that was true as my younger sister is very difficult.

Still, I didn’t want to cause more upset in the family so I kept away.

We were all born within four years of one another. I am now 48.

Sadly, my sister has now died. I wanted to say goodbye but I wasn’t told until it was too late.

I am so angry and upset I am finding it hard to cope.

DEIDRE SAYS:This is sad and we often feel angry when bereaved. But beware of having a row with your younger sister at this stage.

Try to talk to a Cruse bereavement counsellor (, 0808 808 1677) who can help.

Try to focus on good memories of you three sisters and suggest to your younger sister that you bury the hatchet.

You just have each other now.

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