My wife is pregnant with another man's baby but I'm not sure I can bring up the child

She says she was unhappy and felt taken for granted. She took solace from a friend of a friend who is ten years her junior and things developed. Now she is four months pregnant. She has refused to have a termination as I asked her to do, as it goes against her beliefs.

Part of her wants to start afresh with him but they have never had any normal life together.

I am not sure I can bring up another man’s child. Can I trust her not to rekindle her feelings, as he’d have access to his child? I cannot eat, sleep or work from stress.

DEIDRE SAYS:  I am so sorry. It’s a shame your wife’s religious beliefs didn’t stop her cheating.

And into all this conflict an innocent baby is going to arrive.

If you fear you would blame the child for how its life was started, best to face up to that now so your wife can make decisions knowing where she stands.

Talk it over with Family Lives, (, 0808 800 2222).

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