‘My neighbour sent me a threatening note about my children’s noise’

A neighbour has sent a mum a note threatening to get building management involved if she can’t keep her children quiet. The neighbours say the children cause “banging” noises “every day” from the early hours.

The mother has lived in the apartment block for six years without issue, she claims, but her new neighbours are not pleased with her children’s noise.

She went so far as to leave an apologetic note in the communal area explaining her young children are having more tantrums, but that she is trying to keep the noise down. But, she still got multiple notes from the new neighbours with the latest threatening to escalate the complaint.

The note reads: “Hi neighbour, we can hear banging almost every day that starts from early morning.

It’s disturbing our sleep, particularly on weekends. We would appreciate it if you could please stop the noise and have a little consideration for your neighbours. and that you live in an apartment block where the notice radiates around. If you are unable to control the noise, we may need to lodge a formal complaint to building management. Thanking you for your consideration.”

The mum posted the note online asking others for advice as to how to deal with the issue. She defended her children and said: “They wake up at 7, go to bed at 7, and construction can start at 7 am anyway.”

She wants on: “He doesn’t bang every day, only throws toys when having tantrums which can be quite frequent I guess.

“I think the banging she is talking about is when they drop toys in the morning or run as we have floorboards. We are doing our best.”

Internet users chimed in, some sympathising with the neighbour’s plight. One wrote: “This is why children shouldn’t live in these style homes.”

Another said: “Everyone has the right to the quiet enjoyment of their property.”

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But many were on the side of the mother. One wrote: “Do not apologise for having children. Do not justify your child or parenting, it is none of their business.”

Another said: “They don’t have a leg to stand on. The noise isn’t malicious, partying, or brawls. It is just children. Some people want the quiet of a house at the price of a unit.”

Another warned the mum, as she had a similar experience. They said: “Sadly if the peace and enjoyment of the neighbours are breached you can get an eviction notice.

“A friend of mine has a boy with autism and was evicted last week due to noise from his meltdowns after neighbours complained.”

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