‘My husband refuses to pay the rent or do any chores during his birthday month’

Reddit users were shocked this week after a woman revealed her husband’s list of “birthday month expectations” ahead of his 30th.

The anonymous wife wanted to check whether he was taking his demands too far, but said she did want him to feel “special on this occasion”.

While she had supported the idea of birthday month requests at first she admitted she "didn't know what that meant til he started reading the list out loud which consists of things he expects throughout the entire month".

Posting on the Am I The A**hole forum, she shared some of his bizarre demands.

These included “not to be asked to do any type of chores or clean or cook for a month" as well as "not to pay his part of rent this month”.

He also wanted to "play with his Xbox for hours on end without me interrupting or nagging him about it". And even "getting to go out with his friends whenever he wants."

The wife said: "In other words he wants a month long vacation and time off from his responsibilities as a partner and as a father.”

When she asked if he was being serious, he said that it would only last for the duration of his “birthday month”.

His spouse said she “absolutely does not” agree to the conditions and said he was “out of line”.

She added that they both work, but that she does "the majority of household chores and the majority of our son's care as well as the majority of rent, bills and internet payments and I can not afford to do what he's expecting me to do because we're struggling already and I need his help especially now".

Apparently, when she argued with him he "pitched a fit giving me grief about how I'm being selfish towards his wants and that in my place he would've agreed to do all he could to make my …(Birthday Month) the happiest month of the year for me".

She added: "He hasn't stopped talking about how disappointed he was that I treat his birthday like that and has been avoiding being near me making me feel like maybe I went too far here.”

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But, hundreds of people in the comments were on her side and assured her he was the a**hole.

One bloke wrote: “Lol if I pulled that s**t on my wife I’d expect divorce papers for my birthday present."

"The concept of 'birthday month' is when your life is so busy that trying to pack in all of your fave people into a day or a weekend isn’t actually realistic,” added another. “It’s NOT a reason to not pay rent!!!"

While a third noted: "No responsibilities for the actual day of your birthday is a reasonable ask – you can take one day off work, sleep in late, have your spouse responsible for all meals/childcare/domestic chores, go out with friends.

"That's fair. Even one day to relax plus a separate dinner with friends if the birthday itself doesn't work.

"But a whole month off? Not paying rent at all? That's completely absurd. Hell no."

Some even suggested that the man was insisting on “abusing” his wife though domestic drudgery.

What do you think – who was in the wrong? Tell us in the comments…

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