My dying dad gave my brother and his kids more money than he gave to me and my kids

DEAR DEIDRE: I FEEL very bitter that my dying dad gave my brother and his kids more money than he gave to me and my kids.

It’s been a difficult time since dad was diagnosed with a terminal illness six months ago.

Me and my brother helped out all we could.

I am a male aged 33 and my brother is 41. His kids are 21 and 18. Mine are aged three and 18 months.

Dad gave my brother’s kids £3,000 each, twice what he gave mine.

It hurts to think he favoured my brother and his kids.

Why treat us differently?

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DEIDRE SAYS: I would guess your dad meant no harm or favouritism but saw your brother’s children as young adults who could make use now of his money, whereas your children are very young and don’t have obvious immediate need.

Emotions are often raw during bereavement.

Don’t let bitterness add to your loss.

You and your brother can give each other support.

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