My daughter is transitioning into a man but the hormones have changed her personality too

She’s been communicating less and less with me and her dad for some time.

We put it down to her studies at first as she is in her third year at university and we know it is a busy time, but then we felt she was distancing herself from us.

She never answers her phone and any emails we send usually go ignored.

We’re in our fifties. Our daughter is 23. It’s nearly three years since she was home. When we suggest visiting her we get no positive reply, only that she’s too busy.

I think the hormone therapy has caused a great change. I have assured her that we will accept her whatever she does, but she will not tell us what is going on.

DEIDRE SAYS: Hang in there. Your daughter is coping with a physical and emotional upheaval.

She may worry you will find it hard to accept.

Find support from the Beaumont Society who help the transgendered community (, 01582 412 220).

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