‘My big boobs wouldn’t fit into bikinis – I’m much happier since I took action’

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    A woman candidly opened up about her big boob struggles – and explained why she's much 'happier' since getting a reduction.

    Michelle Olivares went viral on TikTok after sharing that she couldn't fit her busty chest into a bikini – even in the largest size.

    The beauty found it difficult to find clothing that kept her breasts in the cups and not spilling out of the sides.

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    Fed up of the curvy problems, Michelle decided to go under the knife in hopes she could finally hold her baps 'in place'.

    In a clip that racked up thousands of views, the TikToker showcased her transformation by trying on the same garments before and after the surgery.

    "Swimsuits would barely fit the cup size and the back was huge. Nothing fit good", Michelle explained as she tried on a floral cut-out bikini top that flashed her cleavage and exposed the majority of her side boob.

    But since the breast reduction, Michelle's hooters fit perfectly within the flower patterned beachwear.

    Michelle did not have much luck with sports bras before the procedure either.

    She wrote: "Even though I would buy size L tops, they would fit small."

    She scrunched her mouth as she posed in a pink leopard print work-out bra that made her breasts spill out at either side.

    Fast forward to after her surgery and Michelle could not contain her glee.

    This time, the apparel covered her chest with no boob spillage in sight.

    "Nothing would hold them in place", she remarked as she donned a black sports bra before getting the reduction.

    However, Michelle would not have that problem much longer.

    The TikTok user rocked the same black attire with a smile as her now smaller bust was secured within the bra.

    "I still can believe it happened", Michelle gushed in the caption along with hashtags "happy" and "new life."

    Stunned by Michelle's transformation, many people fled to the comments to congratulate on finding happiness with smaller knockers.

    One person related: "Nothing holds mine in place either, it’s happening in 2 days here. Happy for you."

    Another user added: "Congrats I got mine done recently and I am so happy too!"

    While a third voiced: "Can't wait for mine.

    "I want to be able to wear a size L sports bra and no underwire!"

    Someone else praised: "Love it."

    Meanwhile, a fifth commented: "I’m so happy for you Michelle."


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