Mum’s heartbreak as son ‘forced’ into school sports day loses almost every race

A mum claims her little boy was 'humiliated' when he was made to compete in his school's sports day.

She said he lost every one of his races but one in front of 300 parents.

The Year Six pupil, who his mum says excels in the classroom, is the youngest, slowest and smallest child in his year group and "loathes" sport, she posted on Mumsnet.

The nine-year-old had been stressing about the sports day for weeks and his mum said he was obviously "understandably humiliated and very upset" when he had to take part in every race.

The mum described her anger at the "spiteful, ignorant and unhelpful" head teacher told her boy to "stop making a fuss" in front of everyone instead of comforting him, reports Hull Live .

She said the head's attitude should have been more nurturing, in a similar way to how the pupils who "weren't very good" during their SATs just a few weeks ago were treated – saying they were offered counselling and mindfulness sessions.

She said: "He was understandably humiliated and very upset, and it showed. The school head walked across to him and told him to stop making a fuss, in front of everyone.

"Six weeks ago, his year did SATS. In a class room, not in front of an audience of 300.

"Those children who weren’t very good were provided with counselling, two terms of mindfulness sessions and every support. I wholly agree with that support.

"But the head’s behaviour this afternoon was nasty, spiteful, ignorant and unhelpful. I am so angry I can barely speak."

The mum took to parenting website Mumsnet to share her frustrations and says she feels so strongly about it, she is considering taking her son out of the school for the last three weeks of the term.

She said: "My son has already said he is never doing another sports day. It’ll take months to undo the damage.

"It was horrible. I haven’t ever thumped anyone but today I really wanted to.

"I feel like pulling ds out of school for the last 3 weeks of term and wrecking her attendance figures on purpose. I will calm down in a bit but honestly."

The mum received lots of support from other parents who tried to offer advice.

One mum said: "That must have been tough for him coming last in every thing bar one. Maybe he shouldn't do so many races next year, just do a token one to be involved.

"If he was upset then the head really shouldn't have embarrassed him further. Hope he is ok now."

Another said: "Wow that is appalling from the head!! Poor boy!"

Another mum said she is personally still affected by what happened on her own sports day.

She said: "I was the child who was hopeless at school sports and it affected my confidence and my attitude to exercise for decades, it still affects me actually.

"I would go in and see the head, and if the response isn’t good I would keep him home next sports day.

"Of course children need to be good losers, but there is nothing to be gained by feeling humiliated."

However other parents were not so supportive and told the mum to calm down.

One mum said: "I was the kid sh** at sport and last at everything but honestly you're being precious. He needs to learn to lose gracefully.

"He'll find something else to shine at."

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