Mum’s amusement as son takes request to ‘draw balls on Xmas tree’ very literally

Children often make us laugh with innocent misunderstandings and hilarious mistakes – and one woman’s son did just that with his Christmas homework.

The young lad answered his festive homework in a rather rude way, which had his mum crack up laughing.

Being fair, the answer isn’t incorrect – it asked him to draw balls on the tree, like baubles.

The funny illustration was shared on Reddit’s “funny” forum.

Instructions for the task were a little vague and simply said: "Draw balls on the tree."

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So the child drew a pair of testicles on the tree before handing it to his mum.

The rude sketch wasn't exactly what the teacher was asking for as it's more likely they wanted him to decorate the tree with baubles.

The boy's mum shared the funny snap online and fellow Reddit users argued that he did nothing wrong.

One person said: "To be fair, the tree has a face.

“Logic demands that he also needs balls."

“The child did as instructed… the word needed was 'baubles’,” added another.

Another added: “He’s correct because the proper term is bauble.”

“Or ornament,” replied a third. “Why would you not leave it open ended for kids’ imagination to run with?”

Some said that the child needed to go through the instructions more carefully.

But yet more said that he had followed the instructions to the letter as he did in fact give the tree "balls".

Either way, it gave us a chuckle.

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