Mum who cut off husband’s penis reveals how she told daughter, 7, what happened

25 years ago Lorena Bobbitt ‘s name dominated headlines around the world after she cut off her ex-marine husband’s penis.

She claims she went downstairs to get a drink after John raped her and spotted a knife in the kitchen. She then returned to their bedroom and chopped it off as he slept in their bed.

The 1993 trial caused a frenzy as intimate details of their relationship were made public, with her claiming he had physically abused and raped her while he denied it and saying she did it because he threatened to leave her.

Lorena claims she doesn’t remember the actual event, saying she was in "zombie mode" and her memory doesn’t kick in until she was sitting in her car.

She recalls she was unable to drive as she had the knife in one hand and his penis in the other.

She threw the penis out the window and into the to long grass on the side of the road, where police later found it and put it on ice in a hot dog bag.

Now, 25 years later, Lorena has spoken about her life since the infamous trial as part of a new Amazon documentary.

She’s revealed how her new husband deals with knowing what what she did, and explains how she told her seven-year-old daughter why she was famous.

Speaking to the Times, she said: "I didn’t go into details. There was no anatomical [explanation]. I just said, ‘mummy got hurt’, and I said, ‘I was married before with this man, and i cut him."

She also says her new husband David has never asked about her past or the trial, claiming "he never felt threatened. He didn’t want to hurt my feelings."

Since the trial Lorena has completely turned her life around.

After the mandatory psychiatric evaluation she went to college where she met her David.

She hopes to open a shelter for abused woman and to raise awareness of domestic violence.

John used his bizarre celebrity to try and form a music career, setting up an unsuccessful rock band called The Severed Parts.

He also appeared in a number of adult films.

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