Mum strips nude to celebrate stretch mark-covered tummy that ‘carried life’

A mum stripped completely naked to celebrate her stretch-mark covered tummy that "carried life".

Sarah Nicole Landry, AKA The Bird's Papaya to her two million Instagram fans, is known for sharing body positive advice.

She recently posed nude to show how becoming a mum transformed her body.

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The proud mum posted pictures of herself posing naked to celebrate her body in its beautiful glory.

In the snaps she posed in a way to cover her private parts – and placed her hands and legs over the areas that she wanted to cover up.

Even though she worked to hide her intimate areas, her tummy and legs were on show, and she revealed what real bodies look like underneath clothes.

Sarah is a mum-of-four so her body has been through a lot – it's changed and filled out as it's worked to create life.

In the snaps she proudly flaunted her new bod that contains a wobbly tum, stretch marks and cellulite.

Even though it's altered a lot since she's given birth, she said she couldn't be more proud of all her body has achieved.

Writing on Instagram, Sarah said: "To go back is to ask me to erase.

"To go back is to ask me to take back and how could I, how can I ask for that?

"When I have lived and breathed a thousand breaths in just one day.

She added: "Cried and healed, carried life, celebrated life.

"Tasted, kissed, danced, moved through this life.

"How can I ask to go back to a timestamp of a body that erases all the things we've done together?

"I simply cannot ask that question anymore."

Keeping her words simple and to the point, the pictures showed the mum posing with a beaming smile, and she looked natural and confident.

Her blonde hair swept her shoulders, and she kept her make-up soft and subtle to ensure attention was focused on her bod.

Since she shared the post, more than 40,000 people have liked it and dozens of people commented too.

One person said: "You're beautiful. My body looks like yours, but I can't find the beauty, yet on you it's like 'she's beautiful inside and out'."

A second person added: "I would never want to go back. I'm so proud of what my body has become."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "Love this. To go back and erase all those moments doesn't seem worth it for a body type that society deems perfect."


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