Mum shares photo of neighbour’s ‘horrific’ parking – but not everyone agrees

Getting along with your neighbours can be tricky.

Although there are walls that divide you, it can sometimes feel like they’re invading your space, especially when it comes to parking spots.

One mum was fuming after their neighbour supposedly parked over their line, and went online to slam the neighbour’s daughters parking as ‘ridiculous’, adding that she is ‘horrific’ at it.

She posted a picture of their car, but not everyone agrees that it’s all that bad.

Writing on parenting forum Mumsnet, she said: "I’m beyond fed up of this parking situation. This is our situation tonight.

"[My husband] is due back from work in about 20 minutes and because of this ridiculous parking from neighbour’s [daughter], won’t be able to park our Citroen Picasso (not a small car.

"We’ve lived here for over a year now and had no problems parking. Last month we had neighbours move in next door and their daughter is absolutely horrific at parking, to the extent where I’ve had to climb over the passenger seat to get into the driver’s seat.

"They also let their dog out at stupid o clock morning and night and it immediately starts barking!"

To complicate matters, the mum said the family keep ignoring when she knocks and they own their house while she rents through a housing association so there’s no landlord they could ask to have a word.

The problem divided opinion on Mumsnet, as many commented to say they don’t see a major problem with the neighbour’s parking.

One wrote: "I was expecting to see half the car over the line. She’s on the line but shouldn’t cause a problem."

Another said: "Mountain out of molehill [original poster]. The white car is parked close… but fine. Tell your [husband] to learn to park".

A third agreed: "It’s really not that bad and a Picasso isn’t actually very big so I can’t see why you’re so upset. If someone was knocking on my door to tell me I was a couple of cm over then I’d likely ignore them too."

Others had some sneaky suggestions for how the mum could make her point, such as writing a note to stick on the car or parking with the passenger’s side right up against THEIR car.

Is this parking ridiculous? Let us know in the comments.

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