Mum says marriage is ‘hard’ because ‘it takes work’ to stay in love

A mum confessed marriage is "hard" because "it takes work" to stay in love with someone.

Anneliese King, who boasts over 290,000 followers on Instagram, works to produce content to "help parents feel seen".

In a recent post about parenting she opened up about marriage, and said people shouldn't feel guilty for finding relationships difficult sometimes.

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The mum opened up about married life saying it can be a lot harder when people say things like "love you more every day".

Anneliese said it's "normal" to have bad days, and claimed people don't have to pretend everything is perfect all the time.

She said all people go through tough times in relationships – and people shouldn't be afraid to admit it.

In a short video on Instagram, she said: "It takes work to stay in love. And it takes time.

"If you're having a bad second, I'm here to tell you we all are, and it's normal."

She also accompanied the short clip with a caption, which read: "Marriage is hard. Like and comment something about your marriage that is hard please and thank you."

Thousands of people have liked the video since the mum shared it, and hundreds also left comments.

People have thanked her for opening up about the difficult times in marriage, and have also shared stories about their own experiences.

One person said: "People always say parenting is hard, but no one ever talks about the struggles of marriage that come along with it."

Another added: "Having a very difficult baby was rough on my marriage.

"Having two young kids while my husband was in school was also rough on our marriage.

"We had less patience to go around and fought a lot more.

"Luckily we made it through both rough patches but – seriously – outside strangers can strain even the best marriage."

Meanwhile, a third commented: "Absolutely all of it. Parenting is hard. Marriage is hard. Parenting while married.

"It's all freaking hard. Needed this and the solidarity today."


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