Mum puts talcum powder between thighs – but makes ‘batter’ in chafing blunder

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The hot UK weather has certainly made many Brits sweat and suffer in the last few days – from ginger haired people being offered free cinema tickets to avoid the scorch to the big boobed having to deal with their sticky assets.

To get some relief from the heatwave, some have been covering their conservatories in tin foil and others becoming best friends with their fan.

For mum Vicki, she decided to utilise some talcum powder in hopes that it would ease the friction between her inner part of her legs.

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In a TikTok clip that has racked up a huge 4.8 million views, the brunette shared her experience of the talc and thigh combo.

And, spoiler alert – it didn't go very well.

As she stood in the garden in a pretty summer dress, Vicki explained: “So this morning I decided I was going to put talcum powder in between my thighs so they’d stop chafing.”

Despite Vicki putting in her best efforts to stop the dreaded chafe, it did not go quite to plan.

“But what actually happened is I’ve created a batter between my thighs and my f***y is going to bake a cake anytime soon”, the mum hilariously admitted.

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Not quite what she was going for – but can’t complain about a free sponge!

Tickled by the mum’s talcum powder blunder, many people fled to the comments to giggle at the incident and also provide Vicki with some better solutions.

One person commented: “Bicycle short are my best friend helps with the chafing.”

Another user suggested: “I use a touch of cooling oil, or baby oil, whichever you prefer, it does wonders.”

While a third person giggled: “Bun in the oven.”

Someone else mocked: “Try cornflour make a stew.”

Meanwhile, a fifth user voiced: “The struggle is real.”


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