Mrs Hinch fans share cheap 38p cleaning hack to eliminate dirt from patio slabs

Summer is right around the corner which means warm evenings in the garden are almost back.

And with the temperatures hotting up (slowly but surely), many Brits will want to spruce up their outdoors.

It might be a bit of a job though since most people will have completely neglected their back gardens for months.

Now one woman is in need of some serious help and she turned to Facebook for advice.

Writing in a popular Mrs Hinch group, she asked: "HELP! I'm going to have a go at cleaning my patio and try to bring it back to life.

"Any tips on what to use and how?"

Group members were quick to share their tips, with the most popular advice being to use bleach.

One wrote: "My dad uses cheap bleach, scrub with a sweeping brush then jet wash."

Another added: "Me too. Gets all the algae off a swell."

A third commented: "You could try putting bleach on them once it's rained and using a brush to scrub it in and then wash it away."

While a fourth Facebook user suggested dousing the patio in bleach, then scrubbing it before washing it off after an hour.

Supermarkets sell bleach for an affordable price and you can buy a bottle for just 38p from Asda.

Other suggestions from the Mrs Hinch group includes using a pressure washer, as well as Wet and Forget.

And one wrote: "Pink Stuff Cream. Put a full bottle in a power wash using patio head and they'll come up like new."

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