Mrs Hinch accidentally buys rude bedroom accessory and fans can’t stop laughing

Mrs Hinch left fans in stitches when she unintentionally bought an X-rated accessory for her bedside table.

The Essex-based influencer, whose real name is Sophie Hinchliffe, purchased a sleek black timer this week.

She matched the hourglass with her new bed, which she will be sharing with husband Jamie.

Taking to her Instagram stories, the 32-year-old told her 4.4 million followers: "With the new bed I've just bought for me and Jamie in our new room, I thought this would look nice in our bedroom.

"I like it, I could style this."

It didn't take long for fans' minds to fall into the gutter – with many messaging the cleaning guru to ask what she planned to do with the timer.

One follower wrote: “Omg I’m creasing up – what are you going to time in your bedroom?"

Another admitted: “I’m sorry but this made me laugh… a timer in the bedroom.”

A third asked: “And what could you be timing in the bedroom.”

And a fourth posted cheeky emojis with the caption: “What are you timing in your bedroom Soph?!”

Mrs Hinch was able to see the funny side of the situation and replied to followers to clear up any confusion.

She responded: “Oh myyy! Your messages.

“I’m cracking up! Honestly guys I didn’t even think of that. I just thought new black bed frame and this could match on a nice shelf.

“I promise you I wasn’t planning on timing anything.

“I’m cracking up! What you saying @mrhinchome.

“Goodnight everyone. Thank you for always making me laugh.”

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