Motoring expert shares safety warning ahead of clocks going back this weekend

The clocks are going back this Sunday (October 29) at 2am which means Brits get a glorious extra hour in bed.

However, one motoring expert says the darker nights can cause after issues for drivers as they shared a warning. Chris Adams, Group Operations Director at Brindley Group, warns colder weather and darker days means staying safe on the road is absolutely essential.

He claims data from a 2022 survey suggested road accidents can increase by as much as 10% in the two weeks after the clock go back, making the period a particularly treacherous one for motorists commuting to and from work.

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Sharing his advice, the expert said: "Preparation is key to safely navigating journeys on darker, colder days. When the roads ice over, people tend to drive slower. As such, you should make sure to leave more time for your journeys than you usually would.

"Before you get behind the wheel, check your local travel updates for any closed roads, traffic jams or alternative routes you might need to be aware of. Improve visibility for yourself and other drivers by using your lights correctly too.

"Dipped headlights should be switched on and used about an hour before sunsets, while your full beams should be used use on country roads or other roads that aren’t lit. Just make sure to switch to dipped when another driver is driving in the opposite direction."

Ahead of the season, Chris says drivers should also give your car a once over to check it’s in full working order. "Check your tyres and consider switching to winter tyres if snow is likely to see if they are below the minimum tread depth of 1.6mm," he said.

"Replace any damaged or worn out windscreen wipers. Clean your headlights and keep an ear out for squeaky brakes, if you hear them making a noise, get them seen to as soon as possible.”

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His comments come after fellow motoring expert Sam Sheehan also issued a warning to UK drivers as temperatures plummet. Sam says it's 'easy for many drivers to be tempted' by winter driving hacks that they may see online. However, he warned they could cause damage to your car.

The expert said: “Pouring boiling water on a frosted windscreen may cause cracks in the glass, while using a CD or credit card to clear your windscreen could scratch the surface or damage the seals around your windows. Instead, make sure all windows are fully cleared of ice, using a scraper or de-icer so you can see everything around you."

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