Mormon couple’s get around strict no sex rule by bizarre ‘soaking’ ritual

Young Mormons have taken TikTok by storm by sharing how they get around the strict no sex before marriage rule.

Couples have found a loophole and it is all to do what what is known as "soaking" – where a man inserts his penis in a woman's vagina without thrusting.

Apparently, the removal of thrusting stops the act being considered sexual.

They can also get a friend to "jump hump" for the couple on the bed to create the movemen.

The hashtag of "soaking" has garnered more than 25 million tags on TikTok, with people explaining what it is and how a friend could come in handy.

In one video posted by former Mormon, Kathy, she says: "Did you know if someone else jumps on the bed, the movement doesn’t count?"

She simulates the situation by standing on the bed next to a couple who are "soaking" and starting to jump in a rhythm.

"When your bestie is called to soak and you have to jump hump for her," an overlay text reads.

Lex, another former Mormon, explained that young people at around college age are very sexually repressed because they are not allowed to touch themselves and not allowed to look at anything sexual.

"But sometimes it gets to the point that they just can't help themselves," she said on TikTok.

"So soaking is the thing that happens – that's basically the boy places his penis inside the girl and they just hold still.

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"No thrusting because that would be sex. But if you put it in and sit there, don't move, it doesn't count."

She is almost certain that it is a trend that happens every day in Provo, Utah.

Viewers were baffled and left with countless questions, with one asking: "How do they know when to be finished soaking? Did either of them get off?"

Another said: "Oh my just give them birth control already. This is the strangest, saddest."

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