Morbidly obese 46 stone man undergoes live-saving surgery after losing 10 stone

A morbidly obese man weighing 46 stone was given life saving surgery after losing an incredible 10 stone from extensive dieting.

Marcus Edwards, 30, whose legs weighed 10 stone each, gained weight after battling with depression and bereavement.

However, six months ago he decided to go on a radical diet, losing and shipped an incredible 140lbs.

Thanks to his weight loss and psychiatric support he became eligible to receive gastric bypass surgery at Heartlands Hospital in Birmingham.

He told the BBC. "It's taken me seven years to be here and reach this point, but now I've done it.

"Since January, I've lost ten stone in body weight ready for this day to come."

The surgery, which involves making a small pouch that bypasses the stomach and attaches directly to the bowels, is expected to lead to a further 16 stone weight loss within one year, reports Birmingham Live.

Marcus was rushed to hospital several times due to his weight before the life changing operation.

When the 90 minute-long operation finally took place it required two teams of surgeons as well as a specially made reinforced bed and elongated instruments.

Marcus' surgeons faced a number of potential complications including blood clots.

In the BBC Midlands Today report, one of Marcus' surgeons said: "Patients have a difficult airway to manage and difficult venous access to put the drips so it became complex.

"And sometimes ventilating the patient while they are asleep is problematic."

Heartlands hospital is only able to perform half of the operations it could do each year due to pressure on bed availability.

One of the lead surgeons said: "We need to have a community based program so that patients don't get to the stage of requiring this surgery.

"That would take 20 to 30 years of education."

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