Moment drunken ex-soldier’s car mounts kerb and ploughs into nightclub bouncer

Shocking CCTV footage captures the moment a former soldier drunkenly smashes his car through metal barriers and into a nightclub bouncer.

Shailem Dodson, 20, mounts the pavement in his black Vauxhall Corsa, then ploughs through metal railings and launches doorman Rafael Zanin into the air in the dramatic clip.

The bouncer at the Halo nightclub in Bournemouth, Dorset, was shunted into concrete steps but miraculously avoided serious injury.

A passerby suffered bruises and whiplash in the crash in December last year.

Dodson, a former soldier, pleaded guilty to common assault, drink driving and dangerous driving.

But he was acquitted of attempted murder and attempting to cause grievous bodily harm after a trial.

The jury decided he did not intend to kill Mr Zanin in what the prosecution claimed was a "revenge attack" after he was ejected from the nightclub hours earlier.

He had been drinking beer and shots in the club.

The jurors at Winchester Crown Court were shown the clip during the trial.

They also saw footage of Dodson, who had served in the Army for two and a half years, punch another doorman, Darren Peterson.

When he was breathalysed by police, Dodson had 57 micrograms of alcohol per 100 mililitres of breath – the legal limit is 35.

Dodson, of Blandford, Dorset, will be sentenced for the common assault, drink driving and dangerous driving later this month.

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