Miranda Cosgrove on Jennette McCurdy Quitting Acting, Speculates What Sam Would Be Up to Now

The "iCarly" star also imagines what she'd be doing if she weren't acting.

One of the saddest bits of news ahead of the “iCarly” revival was that Carly’s best friend Sam, portrayed by Jennette McCurdy across two shows, would not be returning alongside Miranda Cosgrove.

In fact, McCurdy has made it no secret that she did not at all enjoy her time as a child actor and had no intentions of returning to that field even now as an adult. But while many were disappointed that Sam and Carly wouldn’t be hanging out anymore, including Cosgrove, the show’s star says she gets it.

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“I do think for sure that being in acting at a young age isn’t easy,” Cosgrove told E! News. She and McCurdy were barely teens when their show premiered on Nickelodeon back in 2007. “I mean, having an adult’s job when you’re a child is a hard thing to do. I totally understand her perspective 100 percent.”

While she said that the show is obviously not the same without their friendship at the center of it, Cosgrove knows that fans have been speculating what it might be like had Sam been able to return.

“People always comment and say that if her character was on this show, they’d have to just like bleep out everything all the time because her character was always so wild, even on the kid’s version of the show,” she laughed.

“So it probably would have been really fun to see just the crazy stuff that her character would do now,” she added. And if McCurdy were to ever change her mind, of course that door would be open.

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As for herself, Cosgrove has also been able to imagine what she might want to do had she not stuck with acting. “When I was really little, I always wanted to be a vet before I wanted to be an actress,” she told the outlet, revealing that not much has changed on that front.

“I’m at the vet a lot, because I have so many animals, so I feel like I’ve learned a lot just from always being there,” she shared.

But she’d definitely have to change her tactics as a professional vet from the way she did things when she was little. Back then, in order to work on her patients, Cosgrove said, “I’d go around the neighborhood at my parent’s house and actually steal people’s cats and take them to my tree house.”

Hopefully, she at least set them free after their “treatment.”

Carly Shay is not a veterinarian, either, evolving her original schtick as the star of her own internet show into a full-blown career. Maybe, if they can convince McCurdy to do a one-off appearance, we could learn that wild Sam settled down and became a vet — who steals cats.

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