Michael Bublé Made Meghan Markle A Christmas Playlist — Here’s What’s On It

The royal family is able to keep a lot secret from the public. But, when it comes to Meghan Markle, the fact that she wrote a lifestyle blog for years before meeting Prince Harry means there are a ton of tidbits out there for fans to learn about her. For instance, Michael Bublé once made Meghan Markle a Christmas playlist. And it’s still available online. And it includes commentary from Bublé on each of the songs. And she calls him a "charismatic crooner."

This gift to Christmas music lovers and Markle fans alike was pointed out by The Sun, which reported, "Meghan Markle has revealed her surprising friendship with Michael Bublé – after meeting him at a dinner party." Which, technically is true, but she "revealed" it back in 2015 in a blog post specifically about Bublé’s Christmas playlist.

Markle and Bublé met at a dinner hosted by Markle’s longtime friend Jessica Mulroney and her husband, Ben, at the time that Markle was filming Suits in Canada. (Mulroney and Bublé are both Canadian.) The now-Duchess wrote of the singer on The Tig:

She then explained that Bublé put together a holiday playlist for her readers of "his favorite yuletide jams." She continued, "In other words, pretend it’s 1993 and Bublé made you a mixtape. Mic drop." (Odd opportunity for a "mic drop", Meghan, but sure.)

So, what is on this playlist? It’s pretty short and there’s no denying that Bublé really went for the classics:

Bing Crosby — "I’ll Be Home for Christmas"

Bublé wrote that this song is his "favorite holiday tune of all time." And now that Markle is an incredibly famous Duchess with people digging through her old blog posts for more information about her, he can never go back on that statement.

Darlene Love — "Christmas (Baby Please Come Home)"

It was a tradition for years for Love to sing her Christmas hit on The Late Show with David Letterman, and Bublé mentions those performances specifically on The Tig.

Bing Crosby & The Andrews Sisters — "Jingle Bells"

At this point perhaps you should know that half of this list is Bing Crosby.

Elvis — "Blue Christmas"

As Bublé put it: "ELVIS… Do I need to say more?" Apparently not!

Bing Crosby — "White Christmas"

Surprise, surprise.

Michael Bublé — "Cold December Night"

The singer said of this one, "I wrote it. Sorry. Had to add one of my own. Please download it 200 thousand times." One can only wonder if this song is now getting a bigger Meghan Markle boost on the download front than it did back in 2015.

And that’s it! Bublé didn’t give a very long playlist to Markle and her readers, but, without even knowing it, he did contribute to the internet archives of royal history. (Plus, I don’t know about you, but that Darlene Love song is going to be stuck in my head for at least a week.)

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