Meghan uses similar body language to Diana smiling at paparazzi

The Duchess of Sussex beamed at photographers as she left the Gracias Madre restaurant after lunch. Video footage captured the moment Meghan Markle and a photographer have a pleasant moment.

The photographer spoke to Meghan and said: “Hey Meghan, happy International Women’s Day, you look great by the way.”

Meghan replied “thank you”, and put her hand on her chest. Meghan then waved at the paparazzi and said: “Have a good day guys, thank you.”

Before she stepped into her waiting car, Meghan turned around and waved a second time.

There were mixed responses to the clip online. One Meghan fan and content creator Andrew DeVitre said: “I’ll never understand why she gets all this c*** from the media. She’s so gracious and lovely and so polite to the paparazzi. She’s an icon, just embrace her.”

Not all the commenters on Andrew’s video were convinced. One wrote: “They just happened to know where she’d be.” Another said: “She ADORES the paparazzi.”

What does a body language expert make of the exchange? Professional body language analyst Judi James suggested Meghan is handling the paps in a similar way Princess Diana did.

She told Express: “There are three very telling gestures from Meghan here as she connects with the paparazzi that she has had so many struggles with the in the UK.

“As she is complimented she places one hand on her chest in a gesture of gracious, although also modest acceptance. When the paparazzi want to get a different kind of shot they can often yell out more provocative comments but this one allows Meghan to adopt a more regal and demure pose that she repeats when the compliment is repeated.

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“Then there is the wave, which she also performs twice. If she has harbored any Harry-sized grudges again the paparazzi this could be seen as a mini-truce gesture of acknowledgment, although, unlike the royal wave, it is used more as a farewell here.

“Then there is the smile. This, again, is not a ‘royal’ smile, despite her regal elegance here. Like any good Hollywood A-lister she is smiling at the ground with her eyes hidden by huge shades. This suggests a strong desire to want to project an amenable and upbeat image to the world but without appearing to pose for photos or connect directly with the cameras.

“Take away the hand to the chest gesture and it is very similar to the body language responses to the paparazzi that Diana used in her early days, although unlike Meghan here, she was being mobbed and partly obstructed on the pavement from the time her relationship with Charles went public.”

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