Meghan Markle Is Returning to the Big Screen

Before she was the Duchess of Sussex, and even before she was Rachel Zane on Suits, Meghan Markle had a role in The Boys and Girls Guide to Getting Down.

Doesn’t ring a bell? Well, anyone who didn’t get a chance to see the show before Meghan Markle became a bona fide Big Deal will soon get their chance. According to The Hollywood Reporter, Artist Rights Distribution picked up the film with plans to distribute it in North America.

The TV movie debuted in 2011 and was writer Paul Sapiano’s take on the seedy world of nightlife in Los Angeles. Familiar faces include Adam Pally and Max Greenfield, which are comedy standbys at this point, but were merely fledgling actors back when the movie made its debut. Markle plays a woman named Dana, but details are scant from there. Artist Rights Distribution plans on releasing the film sometime this year, so not only will there be a royal baby in 2019, there will also be a kind-of, sort-of Meghan Markle movie for everyone to celebrate. Our favorite kind of two-for-one deal.

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PopSugar notes that while Meghan’s officially retired from Hollywood, there have been rumors of her returning to Suits for one last cameo before the show ends. Creator Aaron Korsh isn’t holding his breath, however, and hasn’t actually connected with her to ask. In an interview with Deadline, he said that he’s “not currently pursuing asking Meghan to leave her position with the royal family and join us.”


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