Meet the mums selling sex to feed their kids – like Brit labelled ‘disgusting’

Times are tough and it’s no great surprise that some women are turning to sex work to help pay their bills.

Britain is in a crippling cost of living crisis and global economies are still recovering from the pandemic, as well as Russia’s invasion of Ukraine.

Many people are cash-strapped and charities say it is now mums who are desperately selling sex to feed their kids.

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A report in the Sunday People claimed calls to the English Collective of Prostitutes rose by a third in six months, with a remarkable 70% of those being parents.

Laura Watson, a spokeswoman for the support group, said: “We are hearing from some women who have never done sex work before, also women who managed to get a different job and are now going back into sex work because of the cost of living crisis.”

She added that women were attracted to things like webcamming because of flexible hours.

And here, we feature a handful of mums who embraced saucy ventures to support their families.


Cruel trolls branded Tia “disgusting” for quitting her admin job to sell nudes on OnlyFans instead.

The Norfolk mum-of-two justified her decision by saying she can now afford to buy her kids luxuries.

The 25-year-old told Daily Star: “It has helped me buy a house and to afford a really nice car and things the kids need.

“We went from struggling to a point… we were financially stable but I couldn’t always give my children what they wanted. Now if they asked for something I could essentially give it to them.

“It’s great and nice not worrying where the next meal is going to come from. If I have an urgent bill I don’t have to worry where I will find the money for it.

“I have the security of knowing I can pay it rather than £50 next month and £50 the month after. There are mums out there who struggle even when they are working so I am grateful for where I am today.”

Criticism used to hurt Tia but she now believes those who judge are just “jealous” because selling sex is “not something” everyone can do successfully.

Tanya Tate

Sex work is nothing new to Tanya Tate who quit her office job in 2008 for a career in porn – resulting in her being crowned International MILF of the Year 12 times.

But in recent years the sexy scouser focused on raising her little boy in LA.

However, last month she shot her first boy-girl scene in a decade to supplement her OnlyFans and Sex Panther income.

And she believes people who look down on mums who do racy work are hypocrites.

The 43-year-old told us: “How many of the general public that have never had an OnlyFans account have recorded themselves doing something with someone else?

"How many adults have taken a picture or video with someone? I would suggest a lot, especially the younger generation of adults. Probably most of them.

“So if you are finding a way to safely monetise that with permission and consent, why are you going to be frowned upon and abandoned by other places by choosing to make profit from something everyone else is already doing?

“I think it’s extremely unfair and there are a lot of people who pretend they don’t watch porn and we know that they do.”

Alex Le Tissier

Mum-of-four Alex Le Tissier was in a much more perilous position than Tanya Tate when she desperately joined OnlyFans after considering using foodbanks to feed her kids during the pandemic.

Despite some abhorrent backlash, the decision has paid off.

Alex, daughter-in-law of former footballer Matt Le Tissier, is now a Babestation model earning thousands of pounds a month by stripping off for randy subscribers.

The 30-year-old Southampton fan told us: “Before OnlyFans I wouldn’t say I was an angel or anything but I had never sent a nude to anyone before. Nobody had really seen pictures of me naked so it was kind of a big deal.

“But with the lockdown my husband was struggling with his mental health and it got to the point where he was struggling to work and it was affecting our finances.

“We are both 30 and we have our own kids. It's down to us to fix the problem, it was going to get to the point where it wasn't that far off having to think about going to a food bank.

“You see people making insane amounts of money and I’m not at that level but it has been money that has changed mine and my kids' lives.”

Mayara Lopes

Mayara Lopes was so determined to give her son “a beautiful life” that she made the “heartbreaking” commitment to abandon him in Brazil to clean mansions abroad in America.

Skint, she was unable to afford two tickets but has since been reunited with her boy in Florida.

The blonde bombshell, 35, is now earning six figures regularly after ditching cleaning for OnlyFans.

And speaking exclusively with Daily Star, she said: “My son is the reason I work so hard.

“I’m a single mum and I don’t really have anyone to rely on, so my OnlyFans made it possible for me to afford a good education for him and it allows me to always be home for him. It’s the perfect job.”

Mayara added: “The best thing about being on OnlyFans is the sky's the limit.

“Everything is possible if you work hard. I love being able to travel and make money on the go. I can make my own schedule and the financial stability that it offers is just amazing.”

Sara Blake Cheek

Another Florida based mum who is making riches from getting her kit off is Sara Blake Cheek.

She used to be a salon owner before the pandemic forced her business to close.

Sports fanatic Sara, 31, took the OnlyFans plunge and has since featured on the cover of Playboy magazine thanks to her instant success.

She told Daily Star: “Landing a Playboy cover is something you dream of.

“And dominating as a Playboy bunny in the sports industry as a mum of four, an OnlyFans creator and a wife is literally something nobody has been able to do before.

“I keep saying this is only the beginning. I have maintained being a top creator on OnlyFans and have made a million dollars.”

But her racy modelling has come with consequences, like being asked to stay clear from her children’s football team matches.

She added: “The fact that I was banned from my kids football league for doing OnlyFans was so detrimental because we are a football family.

“The cheerleading coach demanded I not be allowed to attend anything with my kids and all communication only be through my husband or my daughter wouldn’t be allowed to cheer.”


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