McDonald's Monopoly 2019 prizes – how to claim rewards, including £100,000 and Mini Cooper car

MCDONALD's Monopoly players won't find themselves driving around in a brand new Mini Cooper or jetting off abroad the moment they peel back a winning set of tokens – they'll need to claim the prize first.

Redeeming your freebie depends on what game you won it on and what it is. Here's everything you need to know.

How do I claim food prizes?

How you claim your free food depends on what game and the type of prize that you've won.

Instant win food prizes can be redeemed at any McDonald's branch by handing the token over at the counter when you order.

You can also cash in game pieces on the touch screen kiosks in store or via the app by entering in the 12 digit prize code.

The same goes for players claiming their Medium Extra Value meal, but they'll need to enter the code on both the Whitechapel Road and Old Kent Road pieces.

You'll need to hand the game pieces over to a member of staff when you collect your meal.

If you've won free food in the online game then you'll get a unique QR code, along with a 12 digit code that you can scan or enter at the kiosk or via the app.

You can't redeem these prizes over the checkout.

Food prizes can't be redeemed at the drive-thru or on orders placed through Uber Eats either.

Only one food prize can be redeemed per customer in any four hourly period and you can only claim one freebie per transaction.

All online game codes must be redeemed on the day that McDonald's Monopoly 2019 ends, which is on April 30.

But you have until May 14 to claim your food prizes.

The rarest McDonald's Monopoly tiles

THESE are the most sought-after tokens in the giveaway – so keep hold of them to win, and don't throw them in the bin!

  • Dark Blue – Mayfair – £100,000 (four available)
  • Green – Bond Street – Mini Cooper (20 available, including five instant wins)
  • Yellow – Coventry Street – £2,000 holiday with LoveHolidays (50 available)
  • Red – Strand – PS4 Pro (650 available, including 150 instant wins)
  • Train stations – London Liverpool Street – A phone of your choice with a one year Sky Mobile contract (400 available, including 100 instant wins)
  • Orange – Marlborough Street – Urbanears wireless headphones (2,000 available, including 1,000 instant wins)
  • Pink – Northumberland Avenue – £50 JD sports voucher (7,000 available, including 2,000 instant wins)
  • Light Blue – Euston Road – £30 Boohoo voucher (18,000 available, including 4,000 instant wins)
  • Brown – Old Kent Road – Medium extra value meal (2million available)

How do I claim the prizes that I can't eat?

You can claim as many prizes as you win, unless it's one of the top prizes such as £100,000 cash, a Mini Cooper, £2,000 holiday, £10,000 cash, or an £800 holiday.

Here, you can only claim one of each type of prize, and if you've won a certain prize then no one else in your immediate family or household can scoop the same one.

But you or your family can go on to claim other prizes.

There are literally millions of different prizes up for grabs and the way that you claim them is different depending on what it is.

You won't be able to redeem tokens in a McDonald's branch unless it's food.

Each winning token comes with a special website address printed on it, which is were you'll need to go to claim the gift.

You have until May 31, 2019 to claim and you'll need to type in what tokens you have and the game piece codes.

If you have won, then you will need to provide some of your personal details including your date of birth, email address, phone number, full name and address.

You will then be asked to select how you would like to receive your winnings, either via email or delivered depending on what the gift is.

Voucher codes can then be redeemed directly from the retailers that issued them.

Do I still need to keep my token even after I've won?

Whatever you do, DO NOT throw away your winning tokens. If you've scooped one of the top prizes, you will have to send the stickers in to be verified or else you'll miss out.

After you've entered in the codes online you'll be given instructions about where to send them – and you must do it by June 14, 2019.

Once they've been verified, you will then be contacted by the provider, for example by Mini if you've won a car.

Is there an age limit to claim a prize?

You must be over 16-years-old to claim a prize, as one 11-year-old McDonald's fan found out.

Amber Medd and her friend had visited the fast-food chain's Willerby, Yorkshire, branch alone and ordered adult meals – but was too young to claim her free chips that she won in the game.

Winners must be over 18 to claim some of the prizes, such as the £100,000 cash or the Mini Cooper.

For some, you have to be over 18 to use the services such as NOW TV or Sky.

Younger players who can't claim the prize because they're not old enough can nominate a parent or guardian to collect it on their behalf.

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