Martin Lewis shares how to get boost on Christmas shopping – but ‘last chance’ this week

Martin Lewis offers advice on rising energy bills and direct debits

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Speaking on his ITV show, The Martin Lewis Money Show Live, the money expert gave some recommendations on how people can save money on their monthly bills – including car insurance, supermarket or Christmas shopping.

Martin Lewis reveiled some tricks to save money in some of the major supermarkets this month. 

The money expert started by sharing a very good deal only available this month. 

He explained that a litre of Baileys, which is usually £20, is now on offer for £12 in selected supermarkets.

“The cheapest I’ve seen!” said Martin.

Martin also revealed a shopping tip get a boost on your Christmas shopping.

However, the trick is only available for Tesco shoppers.

Martin also raised another question as a viewer explained a personal financial situation.

She found out her sister owes money to HMRC by opening one of her letters by mistake.

The viewer asked Martin if she should intervene and help her sister or keep quiet.

The Money Saving Expert addressed the same question on social media: “Should a woman who accidentally opened her sister’s post (they share a house) & discovered that she owes £9,000 to HMRC, interfere & try urge her to get help, or is that a breach of privacy & she should just stay quiet?”

The show audience voted with the majority saying she should help her.

On Twitter, most users also voted “help her” while only 20 percent said “stay quiet”

Martin said: “You are all very helpful people out there.

“And I’m going to try and help you next week!”

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