Martin Lewis shares airport parking hack that could save you £270 while travelling

Money-saving expert Martin Lewis has once again returned with a cheeky hack that could save you hundreds of pounds on your airport parking.

The financial journalist shared his tips on the Martin Lewis Money Show Live where he explained that travellers could keep an extra £270 in their pockets when planning a trip abroad.

During a discussion on the high costs of airport parking, the consumer guru made it all seem so easy by encouraging people to simply book a parking space in advance.

Speaking on his ITV show, Martin said: "Parking at the airport, book ahead. Even if it's on the day."

He added: "Given an example, we found one case where, if you turn up at Manchester Airport and paid there it's £400 for the week.

"If you had pre-booked that morning, it was £130. Better still, if you had booked earlier, there are comparison sites for that too."

Martin highlighted Manchester Airport as a prime example where customers are paying too much for parking.

In some cases, they're waving goodbye to a whopping £400 a week simply to park their car.

And while we're no holiday expert ourselves, it's definitely true to say that you can travel abroad for the same amount of money you might've just spent on leaving your car behind.

The thought leaves a somewhat bitter taste in our mouths, to be honest.

But, Martin adds, if drivers at Manchester Airport were to book in advance, they could have saved £270 and only paid £130 for the same length of holiday.

For instance Glasgow Airport say that by booking in advance customers can save up to 60 per cent.

That's a whole lot of extra cash in your holiday pocket.

Later, Martin also encouraged travellers to use comparison websites in order to check hotel prices and make the most of free cancellations, should the need arise.

He also stressed that the best way to save money abroad is by using a credit or debit card.

But he added that making sure you're not "paying to pay" while on holiday is important, else you might suffer pesky exchange rate fees.

He pointed out three types of cards that are the best for those travelling abroad:

  • Chase debit card
  • Halifax Clarity credit card
  • Barclaycard Rewards credit card

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