Martin Lewis issues warning to anyone who pays energy bills by direct debit ahead of surge

If you're paying your energy bills using a direct debit, then Martin Lewis is here with a warning ahead of the price hike.

The Money Saving Expert founder has received a surged of questions from worried bill payers ahead of the price rise, which will see most bills rise by £693 from April 1.

Martin, who donated £50,000 out of his own pocket after a This Morning phone-in, has been urging the government to do more to help people ahead of the rise, as well as providing a huge amount of advice for those in need.

And he recent took to Twitter to address a question most have regarding their energy bills.

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He said: "WARNING! Many talking about cancelling energy Direct Debits to 'keep in control' and just pay when billed.

"Yet be aware that's usually charged at a HIGHER RATE. Price cap (for someone with typical use) paying by: Monthly DD £1,971, Prepay meter £2,017, Quarterly bills £2,100."

Martin recently opened up on the change of prices while on Good Morning Britain.

He told Susanna: "We are in the worst position I have seen since I started being the Money Saving Expert back in 2000.

Martin's key piece of advice that he's often shared is to "do nothing" and stick with your current provider.

Another way to save on your energy bills is by turning off 'vampire appliances' around the home.

These appliances are in living rooms, bedrooms, kitchens, any room of the home, and they drain power when left on, even if they're to in use.

They can cost Britain billions of pounds a year in wasted electricity and turning them off in the home could save you a pretty penny.

Rob Bohm is a consultant who specialises in this, and he told This Is Money : "There are vampires everywhere. They're electrical appliances, chargers and lights all over your home, devices that suck power from the mains — constantly — even when you think they're switched off."

While these vampire devices don't cost a lot individually, if lots are plugged in at once it can sap energy like no tomorrow, adding hundreds to your annual electricity bill.

A whopping 23 per cent of electrical usage could be put down to this vampire energy, a British Gas study revealed.

Going into more detail, Rob shared that a five-plug adapter next to his desk with a phone charger plugged in is a prime example.

"Phone charger plugs draw energy constantly, even if they're not charging your phone," Rob explained.

He continued: "They have a transformer inside that uses tiny amounts of power all the time they're plugged in.

"Your printer is on standby. You can see the LED display. It's using about £10 of electricity a year. And your hi-fi amp is on, too. That could be drawing up to 30W/hour.

"Depending on size, a TV on standby will use around 4W/hour. That equates to around £10 per year — or a lot more in a house with multiple TVs."

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