Married lover and I have had sex even on boss' desk — but then I met her husband

Our affair is really hot but it is getting out of hand.

I am a 23-year-old guy, she is 33 and married. We were not attracted to each other at first but things got heavy over a rush job at work.

We stayed late to complete it. When the last bit of paperwork was finished, we hugged in celebration and a simple hug turned into a kiss.

After that, she started sending me flirty emails and dressing provocatively. She would lean over my desk, letting me see right down her top.

Then, one day, she said she was having the afternoon off and told me to leave early and meet her at a nearby hotel.

Initially, I decided to drive home but, suddenly, I did a U-turn and drove to the hotel.

We were all over each other the second the room door shut behind us, and we had amazing, passionate sex — the best I have ever had. Since then we have sex at work when everyone else has left.

It was fantastic at first but everything changed for me when I met her husband at an annual works party.

She claims that he doesn’t treat her well but he seemed like a really nice guy. We got on like a house on fire. He is 35 and works 14 hours-a-day, six days-a-week in a low-paid job for her and their five-year-old daughter.

I gave him my number when he asked, though I had doubts about it, and he has texted a few times about meeting up for a pint. She went mad and told me not to.

I said he seemed a decent guy. She said he’s different at home and things aren’t good between them but I still feel bad for him.

I have nothing to lose by carrying on with her but her marriage could be destroyed and I am not sure she would even care.


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DEIDRE SAYS: You’re telling me the answer, really. You’re torn between your relish for the exciting secret sex (and maybe a feeling of getting one over work), but meeting your lover’s husband has brought home to you the likely human fall-out.

It’s so likely this nice guy will find out about your affair if you let it continue. His world would be blown apart and their girl would be affected for life.

Your lover would then probably expect a lot more commitment from you, too. Are you ready to take on family life with a distressed child?

End it now and tell her to work on her marriage. If she struggles with holding down a job and running a home she should sort that out with her husband. You’re best staying out of it.

Then look for the right girl in a relationship where you will have great sex and deep love as well.

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