Map shows the UK's top 10 'unluckiest' towns – is yours on the list?

Some people say you make your own luck – but now a study suggests that certain towns are ‘unluckier’ to live in than others.

Taking into account the crime rate, population, unemployment rates, property prices and road accidents – not forgetting how much rain pours down over three years – the team at Psychic World have ranked which UK towns, cities and boroughs are down on their luck.

And five London boroughs make an appearance in the top 10.

So if you avoid walking under ladders or fret you’ll get seven years’ bad luck if you break a mirror, it turns out that where you live might be the most important factor of all.

Here’s what you need to know.

Which is the most ‘unlucky’ town?

The title is shared between two cities – Birmingham and Liverpool.

While Liverpool put on a fabulous show for Eurovision last month, it has an overall ‘bad luck’ score of 78.8 out of 100 and the study’s second-highest crime rate – 133 crimes per 1,000 people.

Has to be said, it didn’t prove lucky on the night for the UK’s entrant Mae Muller, who came second to last.

Meanwhile, in Birmingham, just 26.3% of businesses survive longer than five years, and there were a whopping 2,831 casualties from road accidents, according to the study, which focused on 2021.

Rainy Rochdale takes second place, followed by Manchester in third, which has the highest crime rate in the country – 128 reported crimes for every 1,000 people.

Which London boroughs were ‘unlucky’?

Trendy Southwalk comes joint fourth with Portsmouth and Barnsley, ranking 76.9 out of 100 on the ‘unlucky’ scale.

While Southwalk’s crime rate and rainfall is lower than the leaders, it saw 1,113 casualties from road accidents, and as for property prices…let’s not even go there.

Lambeth weighs in just behind in fifth place, followed in sixth by Oldham and Salford, and Doncaster in seventh.

Camden is ranked eighth ‘unluckiest’ – though it has the best rates for business survival, with 40.6% making it past five years.

Islington comes joint ninth with Wolverhampton, and taking the tenth spot is Hackney, ranking 76.1 out of 100 on the unlucky scale.

Then again, Bruce Springsteen did say: ‘When it comes to luck, you make your own.’

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