Man left speechless by brother’s attempt at cute message in handwritten note

It's not always easy when a family member moves halfway across the country.

You might rely on weekly FaceTime calls or Skype just to see how they're really doing away from home.

One man who eagerly waited for an update from his brother finally received his first letter from him.

Posting on Reddit, the lad shared an image of his sibling's subtle message after he moved away.

In the photo, it shows an envelope along with the jokey note from his brother.

It read: "You can pay a dude like 41c to hand deliver a note calling your brother a b****."

Meanwhile in the comments, many people weren't even focusing on the message, but more about his handwriting.

The post racked up over 56,200 upvotes and over 900 comments.

One Reddit user said: "Your bro's handwriting is as horrendous as my own lol."

Another social media fan joked: "This burn is brought to you, literally, but the United States Postal Service."

A third commented: "That's one wholesome brother right there," as a fourth added: "This letter should be an ad for them."

Meanwhile a fifth Reddit user posted: "So what are you going to write back? Lol I like your brother. I like a good smart a**."

And a sixth chimed in: "Nothing says 'I love you' like a brother calling you a b****."

There's no idea what the man replied to his brother – but we're sure it's all sibling love.

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