Man gets into hilarious ‘row’ with Alexa as device ignores his music request

A man struggles to get Alexa to play John Lennon in this hilarious footage, as the gadget insists on playing the Bee Gees instead.

Billy, 64, can be seen growing more and more frustrated with the voice controlled Amazon device.

Filmed by his partner's daughter, Alexa plays 'How Deep Is Your Love' instead, the Daily Record reports.

"Are you listening to me?" Billy says. "I'm supposed to be talking to you."

"Alexa, can you do me a favour please?"

"Turn this to John Lennon please if you don't mind. Christ almighty.

"Alexa could you turn John Lennon on please. You've got the f*****g Bee Gees on and I don't like them."

Billy adds: "Listen listen listen, I'm talking to you. We're paying for this s***e".

More than 4,200 people have watched the clip since it was uploaded by his fiance's daughter Tracey McGuinness on Facebook on Monday.

Tracey, who can be heard laughing in the background, admitted "this is too funny" as he repeatedly failed and eventually gave up.

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